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Carolina Spike Force is a travel volleyball club affiliated and supported by the Spears YMCA of Greensboro, the USA Volleyball Association and the Carolina Region Volleyball Association.   CSF offers a reasonably priced high-level volleyball program for youth girls.  Our goal is to provide high quality skills training in a positive environment while teaching life lessons through the club volleyball experience.

Our Beginnings

The Spears YMCA began a youth volleyball developmental league in 2006 with only 32 participants.   Currently, there are more than 600 participants in fall and spring leagues across 3 divisions: recreational, intermediate and challenge. The Y also offers summer camps, clinics and grass volleyball tournaments.


In 2014, the Spears YMCA added the Carolina Spike Force Volleyball Club (CSF) to its programs.  CSF was a long-time dream of Coach Darci Mozgai who envisioned a reasonably priced high-level volleyball program allowing more girls to enjoy the club volleyball experience. Our club name was actually inspired by the name of one of Darci's Y teams and the number 21 on the CSF club logo was Darci's jersey number when she played.  One of Darci's traditions was her affection for tootsie pops.  She was rarely seen without one in her mouth.  We lost Darci to liver cancer in 2014, but through a gift from her estate, the CSF program was created.  The club continues to grow.  In the 2014-2015 season, CSF supported four teams, approximately 40 players.  By our 4th season (2017-2018 season), CSF fields 12 teams (approximately 120 players).  We know that Darci would be very proud.  Come check out the Carolina Spike Force Volleyball Club and see for yourself why the best kept secret in the Triad is no longer a secret.

Our Mission

Our mission is to teach life lessons through the sport of volleyball by providing high-level training in a positive environment that fosters our core values:

C:  Commitment - the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity

CSF team members commit to give their best effort, put the good of the team first and maintain a positive attitude at all times.  Coaches commit to being prepared and positive and to inspire and encourage our athletes and teams to become the best they can be. Together, we commit to work toward a common goal and to define success as giving our very best effort to help our team, rather than focusing solely on our win-loss record.

S:  Sportsmanship - fair play, respect for opponents, and polite behavior by someone who is competing in a sport or other competition

CSF team members and coaches are expected to show sportsmanship at all times.  We cannot always control whether we win or lose, but we can always control how we behave.  The way we treat referees, the other team, our teammates and ourselves is a true reflection of our character.  Together we will conduct ourselves with the highest level of sportsmanship and integrity and remember that we are representing ourselves, our team and our club at all times.

F:  Fortitude - courage in pain or adversity

CSF team members are expected to show fortitude when things are difficult or do not go their way.  Coaches will help players and teams face challenges and overcome obstacles.  Together we will learn from our mistakes and develop toughness in the face of adversity.

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