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For the 22-23 season, CSF will support travel teams for the following Age Groups:  U12, U13, U14, U15, U16, U17 & U18. Depending on the amount of overall player interest, each age group will support different team levels: Legacy, Black, Teal, and White.


The levels of play have different tournaments played, club fees, the amount of travel and associated costs.  Refer to the team chart for more details on tournaments and club fees. 12U -14U Team Levels and Pricing information is coming soon.


Players must tryout and based on their skill level may be invited to participate on either a Legacy, Black, Teal, or White level team.  The Legacy & Black divisions represents the highest skill level. 

Our season begins with tryouts in July 2022 (15U-18U) and September 2022 (12U-14U) and continues through late-March/early-April 2023 for Black, Teal and White levels.  Legacy will have an extended tournament schedule, ending in June 2023 this club season. To determine your correct age group please see our Age Definition Chart.

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