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Training offered through the Spears YMCA

The Spears YMCA offers Volleyball in the Spring and Fall. It is offered for girls grade 4-12th grade.  For 3rd grade girls the Spears YMCA offers the Mozgai Academy which is designed to introduce basic Volleyball skills to girls with limited experience. Under well-structured instructions, students learn warm up routines, basic volleyball movements, focus on passing, serving and introduction of setting and spike approach.  For more information and registration, check out the Spears YMCA Youth Sports Volleyball.

Volleyball Clinics

Carolina Spike Force hosts Middle School Clinics during August.  Clinics are conducted by our Carolina Spike Force JO Volleyball Coaches. These clinics are skill specific (passing, setting, hitting & serving) and sessions typically will last 1.5 hours.  Check our calendar for clinic dates and times.  Registration is required.

Skills & Drills

Carolina Spike Force typically hosts SKILLS & DRILLS in September and October in the weeks prior to tryouts.  Players will get court time with CSF coaches. Check our calendar for dates and times. Registration is required. 

Strength and Conditioning

During our regular season, Carolina Spike Force provides advanced strength and conditioning training sessions in addition to the normally scheduled practices.  

Regular Season Practice

During our regular season, Carolina Spike Force provides practice 2-3 times a week depending on team level.  

Practices will start early November.  When tournaments start, we will adjust the Sunday schedule depending on what teams will be traveling.

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